Summer Fitness Routines

The weather in summer is often enough to encourage people to get a bit more exercise. They may join a sports league, or they could be willing to run or walk more. It seems to be the best time of year for many people to work harder at getting fit. They may have dieted during the spring, but now they have the opportunity to tone up their bodies and feel great about their lives. It can be a good way to get started on summer fitness routines if they wake early with a plan.

Summer days are usually hot, and some areas can become very humid. This can limit the times when exercising outdoors is a good idea. Getting up early to walk, jog, or run might be the best plan. Working out before the sun heats the air up is a good way to exercise without being concerned about dehydration.

Afternoons in the summer can be a time when exercise might not be a good idea outside. The weather could turn into thunderstorms, and lightning might be an issue preventing going out. If the sun remains without storms, dehydration can become a dangerous issue. Exercising without drinking enough fluids has caused people to lose consciousness or even become hospitalized. Avoiding that means having a plan to stay hydrated and cool enough to get through a workout.

Early evening may be another good time to get out and move around more. Playing volleyball, badminton, tag, or even football in the garden area of home is a wonderful way to end the daylight hours. It may not be formal exercise, but just moving more can help a body become more fit over time. Sharing the experience with a friend or family member has twice the benefits, and it can more than double the amount of fun for everyone.